The Use Of Mold Temperature Controller

Anole temperature controller is one parts of the mould which will be used.and the function is that it will help the mouldto control the temperature needed when the mould produce products.
Advantage of the temperature controller:
1.Adopt high speed microprocessing controller,double protect switch onside,having the ability of PID controller and adjust by itself.
2.Adjust to the most suitable control specification,make sure the temperature between -1℃ with+1℃.
3.Function of soft start:when the heating rings was cooling,starting warming and raw tide and buffer,and could extend the life of heating parts.
4.Have many alarming ways,cut off electricity and couple,voice alarming,protect function when it leakage of the electronic.
5.Have many kinds of display of the fault,could be found timely and solve it.
6.Combined type design,easy for take it apart, maintain,and changeable.
7.Connector used is the standard parts imported from American,control the system .

Mould Perfect Solution Supplier

Mould perfect solution supplier is also called solution supplier, mould supplier, problem solver. It name is HYX Mould CO., LTDMould perfect solution supplier could supply perfect solution, it means help you to solve problem.

Mould perfect solution supplier could help you to solve every kind of mould problems, like home appliance parts mould (refrigerator mould, washing machine mould, air conditioner mould, rice cooker mould and fan mould), Mould perfect solution supplier help you the solve crate mould (bottle crate mould, industrial crate mould, vegetable crate mould, fish crate mould, two side stackable crate and foldable crate), Mould perfect solution supplier help you the solve chair mould (daily use chair, beach chair mould and leisure chair), Mould perfect solution supplier help you the solve bucket mould(10L,20L painting bucket mould with IML, square, oval, round shape bucket moulds and medical one-way bucket moulds), Mould perfect solution supplier help you the solve industrial garbage bins & household dustbins, Mould perfect solution supplier help you the solve thinwall high speed injection mould, Mould perfect solution supplier help you the solve laundry basket and household commodity molds, Mould perfect solution supplier help you the solve double color injection molding and stacking mould technology.

HYX mould is a professional mould perfect solution supplier. According to our engineers’ experience, we could give you the professional suggest. Regard to our engineers, they all work more than 6 years, even more or less 20 years. 

So if you have new requirement, and you are not sure whether the design is the best, please feel free to contact us, we are glad to help you to check the design.

24cavities For Fork And Spoon.Knife Mould

24 cavities mould with fork and spoon ,knife supplied by HYX Mould from China ,with top class.
We made the mix mould with enough experience.also we made the mould based on the need of customer.
The customer also need the three products,but some times,they just need one or two of them,then we designed 
this kind of mould for customer.
This mix mould could save cost when mixed the 3 types injection moulds with one mould,also easy for injection 
one kind kind of products,
you just need turn off the other two’s hot runner ,then turn on the products you need,then could produce it.It is very convenience.
No mater from cost save side or convenience side,it is a good way for spoon customer when meet the suitation like above.
We also have high quality mould maker,the mould also will be checked before send to our customer ,if there have any problem,then we sill solve it until got the good one.
Plastic Mould from HYX Mould could be a high quality and short delivery time !

Dustbin Office Use Mould

Dustbin for office use mould supplied by HYX mould co.,ltd in China with high quality and good service.
Dustbin for office use mould could satisfied many buyer requirements ,no matter domestic or aboard.

Dustbin office used mould with high quality from HYX mould co.,ltd who has professional mould making
experience and exporter.
There is no doubt we are the best choice who could provide customer good service ,from dustbin office use 
mould design to deliver.
Dustbin office use mould need take the mould making technology account:
1. Dustbin office use mould means it didn’t have the high requirements of stock heaving rubbishes ,we could 
design based on the normal material.
2. Due to there is just need stock little rubbishes,so we should take the capacity account, there just need design 
the mould size should suitable for the normal trash bags.
3. Should take the mould life account. If customer need the dustbin office use mould with long mould life,then we 
could choice better mould, like 718.
4. Also should take the dustbin products weight account, because the when cut the products weight could save more material ,then could save cost.
5. Also dustbin office use mould also could use robot for products IML,then products could have many different film, 
colorful and different pattern. It could increase the dustbin special.
6. The most important is we could provide customer njection molding machine also with machine after service .
We have the hole line from plastic mould to machine, even machine after sale service.

Air Assistant Chair Technology

Air assistant chair made by HYX Mould with top class quality .
Our air assistant chair made for satisfied the market demands.
The theory of the air assistant chair:air assistant injection molding adopt high pressure inert gas to produce hollow area when injection inside parts.also push the flow material full to make sure the pressure is balanced .
The air assistant products and mould have a big market from car injection parts to home used .
The advantage of the air assistant chair :
1.Wipe off the sink mark of the products surface,to improve the products quality
2.Reduce warpage and deformation and flow line
3.Drop products inner stress ,improve products strength
4.Saving plastic material,cut the products weight(20%-40%)
5.Could improve the products stiffness 
6.Decrease the mould lamping force,injection pressure and machine power consumption
7.Shorten molding time,improve production
8.Enlong mold guarantee life ,reduce the cost.

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Assemble Part Mould Manufacturer

Assemble part mould manufacturer will provide you assemble part, part mould, mould manufacturer, assemble part mould, product assemble and etc.

As we all known, the most important to the assemble parts are match. This requirement need mould have high precision. HYX mould CO., LTD can provide you the precision mould. Because assemble part mould manufacturer take very strict Q/C control, and have invested 3.5million USD for purchasing precision tooling machines. So HYX mould has control the quality in every step.

Assemble part mould manufacturer,which is not only a mould company, but also a product processing company. We can provide you with the lowest manufacturing cost. And free for the assemble parts.

If you are looking for a assemble part mould manufacturer, please don’t forget to contact HYX mould. Assemble part mould manufacturer could provide you high quality mould, the lowest mould cost and convenient transport.

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Plastic Furniture Mould Maker

Plastic furniture mould maker is professional mould makerplastic mould maker and plastic furniture supplierPlastic furniture mould maker could provide you plastic furniture, furniture mould.

Plastic furniture mould maker have done many furniture moulds, such as table moulds, chair moulds, Microwave mould and so on. In the past years, we have done many chair moulds and table moulds, like beach chair mould, arm chair mould, stool mould, round table mould, square table mould…… So our company has very rich experience. 

If you are interested in the Plastic furniture mould, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we could provide you the lowest price, and convenient transport. Thank you.

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Plastic Bucket Mould

Plastic bucket mould including 10ml paint bucket mould20ml paint bucket mouldIML bucket mouldbucket in mould label. Regard to the plastic paint bucket, more and more customers adopt IML system.

HYX mould CO., LTD is a professional plastic bucket mould maker. In the past years, we have done many plastic bucket moulds, such as 17L in mould label bucket mould, 20L in mould label bucket mould. These two IML system line is export to Pakistan. And the product is very prefect. 

Trusting HYX MOULD means you don’t need to worry about the quality. We could control every step, no matter product design, mould design, steel quality, or every process in tooling machine. After rough milling machine, we will put them in precision tooling machine, what’s more, after those two steps, we would take the mould to measurement center.

Would you like to know more information about the project? Or if you have any new requirements of the plastic bucket moulds, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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Bus Back Rest Mould

Bus back rest mould produced by HYX Mould with high quality and short delivery time,also good after service.
Bus back rest mould tooling with many high performance tooling machine from our tooling shop,some are import form Italy. 
From mould design to mould test,we have professional mould designer,could design the mould with good statues ,from water line(how to design the water line is the best way,then could cooling the products well,then the customer could got the high quality mould),where design the injection gate ,how to design the material flow sprue,hoe ejector the products to make sure 
the products with beautiful face and so on.
Also, we will analysis the flow rate during the mould design.
We also have professional project manager to resposible the mould ,and give the professional suggestion when the mould some where need improving.
And we will test the mould when finished the mould,after testing,we will send the sample to customer for confirming,and after got customer feed back,then we improving,then test mould again,until got customer permit for delivery,then we will checked by our quality department,make sure there have no problem,then we will delivery the mould for customer.
Any more question and help,please feel free to contact.

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Blowing Mould Manufacturer

Blowing mould manufacturer is a professional blowing mould maker in china. Blowing mold maker usually supply blowing mould, blowing products and blow bottle. Blowing mould manufacturer is also a mould maker. 

Blowing mould manufacturer could provide you lowest mould cost, convenient transport and high quality. Especially high quality, blowing mould manufacturer can control every step of the mould, from mould design to mould shipment. So if you make cooperate with blowing mould manufacturer, you will not to worry about everything.

If you have any requirement about blowing mould, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Blowing mould manufacturer could provide you prefect solution.

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