Good Plastic Mold quality comes from good tool drawing design, every one knows that but not ever one knows to optimize the tool drawing, this is not only including structure of tool drawing, but also very import to update in time and whoever can find the latest tool drawing in every single change, and also can track each version of tool drawing. To optimize this, what we usually do as follow.

When PO released, the project manager creates the document in the computer and put customers tool specification into it, and also printing out to have a meeting with responsible design to discuss tool drawing structure and mold specifications.

Each mold number will have a separate document and they always everything is updated, the is several subfolders under each mold number, including part drawings, hot runner drawings, measurement report, mold drawing, parameter, mold specifications, mold flow report, part issue report and mold specification

Put every file to each folder, everyone can be easy to find out, especially for tool drawing, because tool drawing usually each tool drawing need to be updated several times, so keep each version of tool drawing in the document and finally can guarantee the customer will have latest tool drawing is very import.

Procedure for mold design.

-DFM: a review of part design for manufacturability
- 2D Tool design
- 3D Tool design
-Moldflow Analysis
-Experienced with the design of die casting, injection, gas-injection and 2K injection molds