Mold design

Plastic Mold Design is key fact for making good molds, today every knows this point but not every know how to  deisign good mold drawing,the one key point is to keep any data updated n time, easy to find out, easy to track, every changing version needs to be kept in case some time we need track some data from old version.

All mould designs are validated to our clients Mold standards and mold specification. Besides we have the ability to provide prototyping and mold flow analysis service. All designed to save you money and get you production in a timely manner.

General procedures as below

DFM: review of part design for manufacture feasibility, send them to customer with suggestion for each open issue

Tool design: after every issue has been solved in DFM, then we will start 3D tool drawing design directly, if customer wants to see 2D tool drawing first then we will follow customer requirement. check every thing following checking list and customer standard before sending out tool drawing to customer.

After tool drawing approved by customer we will do mold flow analysis, if have some potential issue from report we will update slightly according mold flow to optimize tool drawing.

Plastic mold design

Plastic Molding