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The Use Of Mold Temperature Controller

Anole temperature controller is one parts of the mould which will be used.and the function is that it will help the mouldto control the temperature needed when the mould produce products.
Advantage of the temperature controller:
1.Adopt high speed microprocessing controller,double protect switch onside,having the ability of PID controller and adjust by itself.
2.Adjust to the most suitable control specification,make sure the temperature between -1℃ with+1℃.
3.Function of soft start:when the heating rings was cooling,starting warming and raw tide and buffer,and could extend the life of heating parts.
4.Have many alarming ways,cut off electricity and couple,voice alarming,protect function when it leakage of the electronic.
5.Have many kinds of display of the fault,could be found timely and solve it.
6.Combined type design,easy for take it apart, maintain,and changeable.
7.Connector used is the standard parts imported from American,control the system .

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