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24cavities For Fork And Spoon.Knife Mould

24 cavities mould with fork and spoon ,knife supplied by HYX Mould from China ,with top class.
We made the mix mould with enough experience.also we made the mould based on the need of customer.
The customer also need the three products,but some times,they just need one or two of them,then we designed 
this kind of mould for customer.
This mix mould could save cost when mixed the 3 types injection moulds with one mould,also easy for injection 
one kind kind of products,
you just need turn off the other two’s hot runner ,then turn on the products you need,then could produce it.It is very convenience.
No mater from cost save side or convenience side,it is a good way for spoon customer when meet the suitation like above.
We also have high quality mould maker,the mould also will be checked before send to our customer ,if there have any problem,then we sill solve it until got the good one.
Plastic Mould from HYX Mould could be a high quality and short delivery time !

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