There are many different types of hair curling irons, which can vary by diameter, shape of the barrel and materials. Diameter can range from .5 inches to 2 inches. The smaller barrels are typically used in creating spiral curls and the larger diameter barrels are used to create volume and shape for typical hairstyles. The larger the diameter barrel, the looser the curl.

There are many types of curling irons available and range from $15 to $250. If your hair is difficult to style, you will need a hotter curling iron setting to get the best results. Normal hair can handle 180 degrees, while coarse,thick or curly hair will need between 180 to 200 degrees to style. If you have thin/fragile hair, you don’t need any more than a 150 degree setting. you can get wholesale curling irons from Olayer wholesale curling irons manufacturer.

Hi-tech irons can be better for your hair with materials such as ceramic or tourmaline. Many reasons they are better are that they heat up a lot more quickly and maintain heat that is throughout the curling process, while you are already in a rush you should not have to wait for extended periods of time for your hair curling iron to heat up. Additionally, they use infrared heaters that help hair to retain moisture and prevent drying, frizzing and breaking. However, you should be aware that ceramic and tourmaline hair curling irons are slightly more expensive than the metal ones we are used to and you should be prepared to pay between $60 and $100 for a quality model and be aware that it’s 100% ceramic or tourmaline and is not just the coated type.

Buying a good curling iron is important if you use the hair curling iron once a month or every day. Curling irons can be damaging to the hairs structure and good quality is a must. Quality curling irons are an investment they offer more durable heating elements and can last for much longer than cheap renditions that often need replacement. Be sure that you know the type of curling iron that you are seeking. If you want tight curls, smaller diameter is what you are seeking, but if you want body or larger curls then a larger diameter is what you want to look into.

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