injection mold mfg

What injection mold mfg offers:

Plastic mold, custom mold, custom injection molding services, We offer you original factory price for your molds and molded parts.

We. An Injection mold, plastic mold company (HYX MOULD) founded in 1995, is located in the beautiful scenery of the Shenzhen, professional with injection mold design, plastic mold manufacture custom mold manufacture large mold building for over 18years.

To make good plastic molds we have advanced precision CNC, profile and other main processing equipment more than 100 sets (Taiwan brand), a professional injection mold maker more than 150 people, more than 6000 square meters for making plastic injection molds, annual output more than 400 standard injection molds, die casting, etc. most of the plastic molds are exported to Europe, American, etc.

In order to meet market demand, HYX MOULD purchased land for building a MOLD BASE company named MING YUAN equipment co., LTD, is specialized in automotive molds, custom plastic mold, and large injection moulds.

The company has more than 10 tons driving crane, six large and medium-sized gantry CNC machines, gantry milling machine, gantry grinder, CNC lathes, CNC milling machine, and so on several units, and form a complete set of mechanical processing, mold, injection molding, assembly workshop a dragon production line, repeatedly over the years has won the honorary title of quality products with reliable quality products. With high-quality products, service and reputation has opened marketing in Hong Kong, Taiwan, America, South America mainland

 Why injection mold China (Olayer)

  • We have our own mold base company, so the price will be lower and time will be fast than others, especially for custom molds.
  • We directly provide factory mold prices to the USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Spain, etc.
  • We have perfect after-sale service including Germany,USA, Canada, Mexico,  France, Spain, etc.
  • We got the certificate of ISO 9001.
  • We have over 50 sets of advanced equipment imported from German, Switzerland, and Japan. like Agie Charmille CNC, twin heads Makino EDMSadik slow Wire Cutting Machines.
  • Mold size we could make from 50 kgs to 40 tons.
  • We are excellent at making Oversize mold, Multi-mold, Over molding, double injection molding, hot runner mold, 2k mold, Precise Mold.
  • Our project manager for any of our customers in our company could directly communicate with customers in English. This can avoid some misunderstanding in translation. It’s hard for some general factory to provide that kind of service.

Please feel free to send us your RFQ to if there are new projects in your hands that need a good quotation.

If you are looking for plastic mold you are at the right place. Our company is dedicated to producing high quality, engineered and closes tolerance molds and an affordable price. Having many years of experience in this business we are the top manufacturer of high-quality molds and services in the region. We provide plastic molds to companies worldwide.

Our provision of the molds is a comprehensive end to end quality assurance that is a unique system to the industry. This means our qualities are efficient, affordable in the market. Our customers are provided with exceptional customer service and beyond compare professional expertise.

Leave the worries to us as we meet your most challenging project specifications. We offer plastic molds that get the job done within a short period of time. You can always count on us on whatever your specific job demands. Our production level is the most amazing one as we produce quantities 300 to 400 sets molds yearly.

We take the basic mold process advanced than other manufacturers a step further. We always take that opportunity to intelligent testing and re-testing of your molds at a vibrant step along the way just from designing to assembling. After that mold trial then we ship the samples to you. We are proud of our reputation in the region for top-quality plastic molds and services.

Our staff is trained in such a way that they only accept an absolute quality as your project is being guided through the design, development, manufacturing, and even shipping process. We not only meet your requirements as the company but also we actively look for ways to improve your molds hence save your money and time in the future massive production. We have quality control methods that are so effective in their job.

We evaluate, improve, and complete any existing mold job you may have that is not meeting your requirements. As the best company, we put a new set of eyes on the problem and find ways on which we can improve and completely solve the issue. We always listen to you, our clients. We don’t just try to categorize your problem into a pre-set plastic mold and plastic molding solution. We take time to learn your business, your challenges, and your production needs, after that we propose a solution to the problem.

There are automatic benefits accompanied when you work with the company of our commitment to clean work process, our high-level materials & production tolerance standards, our dynamic system approach to each of the process, from design up to delivery. You will never regret working with us.