Outdoor Garden Chair Molds

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outdoor garden chair molds material, normal these kind of molds, we use DIN1.2344 or DIN1.2316 or 718 or NAK80 material,depend to different mold service life requirement.we guarantee 500K million shots, and the real mould life should be 2 ~ 5 times longer than our quoted life based on the normal molds maintenance. We also can help customer realize interchangeable inserts.

outdoor garden chair molds design and tooling
And for plastic wardrobe molds developmen, we have our own molds design innovation with optimize injection system and cooling system. And we take 3 stages to develop the molds to make sure the molds in a goodcondition with high precision, one-trial success performance.

outdoor garden chair molds molding Machine
outdoor garden chair molds moldings , we also have high performance hybrid servo injection machine to satisfy our customer large production capacity and high quality production requirements.