PET has good transparency, glossiness and gas-barrier property and meet the criteria of food security.What’s more, it is appropriate for recycling.So,PET plastic material is very suitable for packaging.beverage packaging, enjoyed double-digit growth every year.Because PET has strong water absorption,it must be dried and dehumidified effectively for about 4 hours in 150~180℃ before moulding.Furthermore,in order to avoid plastic grain moisture absorption again,the temperature must be kept at 140℃.

Since the first PET bottle has been produced,PET container was used more widely owing to its good physical property,especially for Carbonated Beverage,fruit juice beverage,tea beverage packaging, enjoyed double-digit growth every year.

As for the container design,the designer must consider the limit of the material and technology.The design should prevent uneven thin wall and sharp angle.In the transition part,a big corner radius could be used to avoid stress concentration.

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