Mould making processing:
checking of the drawings-prepare material-preliminary-working-finish machine-checking-assembling-clamping-testing-produce.
the main processing equipment:
1.high speed carved NC carved,Double spark machine,Ordinary spark machine,wire-electrode cutting …
2ability of processing:mould design,mould making and mould forming
3.mould steel:mould core hardness should be more than 40 HRC,mould base hardness with more than 30HRC
4.mould cooling system used with recycle,improving the mould production
5.mould life ,we will design based on the customer’s opinion
6.mould post-processing should be with nitriding,polishing and electroplate

The mould demands:
1.Should analysis the mould forming technology,mould structure and craftsmanship,making sure that the mould life could satisfied the clients’
2.Design the fully mould structure and parts processing,at the time should suggest the assembling and injection requirements 
3.Analysis the parts quality before open the mould,like parting line,gate design,mould life
4.Mould appearance should make sure that there is no rust,no rush,no incomplete
5.Mould delivery should locked the mould,packaged good,and prevent rust
6.When sending the mould should provider a hole set of reference for mould maintenance and quick-wear parts