Nowadays, the furniture industry is very competitive and the products are fast updated. In order to keep pace with the ever increasing demands of the consumer, the manufacturer must opt for molds with optimal cooling systems, the use of slider ejection systems and precision air venting to shorten the cycle times.

Every year, HYX Mould make more than 300 sets of plastic furniture molds, we has the expertise in developing moulds for chairs  with or without arms, Adult chairs and Baby chairs with interchangeable inserts (back rest designs), Round Table mould, Rectangular Table mould, Square Table mould, Baby Table Mould, Stool Mould.

We believe in analysing the product design in detail in order to assist the manufacturer in achieving feasible costs in terms of plastic moulding, increasing production speed, avoiding mould repair costs and amendments and making sure the design is great to ensure a long term sale of the end product.

The key to a high standard furniture mould is a collaborative approach towards achieving a good mould design which in turn helps to reduce maintenance and thus increase mould life.