At first I was scared that I would burn myself when putting the clip on but the heat is very low and doesn’t burn my fingers or my hair. I looked at a Private label flat irons manual book or two when I got my Private label flat irons by Olayer wholesale curling iron manufacturer  and noticed people weren’t getting burned when using the custom flat irons wholesale curlers. That’s actually what makes the custom flat irons wholesale curling shells work so well.

Instead of burning my hair to make it wavy or curly I use the shells to make the curl. It only takes a couple of minutes for the curls to cool down and make my hair curly. The best part of it is that my hair will stay curly or wavy the entire day. Even after getting home from work my hair stays really curly.

There are several different videos that I have posted that show exactly how to style hair using the Private label flat irons by custom flat iron vendors. They should all be on my Private label flat irons manual book page shown on the bar above the posts.

The first article I have posted is the main user manual that shows a demonstration of the custom curling irons. A guy styles a girls hair by wrapping her hair around his finger near the scalp of the head. He first shows how to use a three finger curl and how to clamp on the custom curling irons .

The other Private label flat irons manual books I have posted on there are mainly How-To videos and helped me out a lot when I first started using the custom curling irons . A lot of other Private label flat irons reviews that I looked at didn’t have any Private label flat irons manual books and that’s why I’ve done my best to include all the good videos I can find on how to use the Private label flat irons curlers.

Curling my hair will never be the same now that I have been using the Private label flat irons for so long. I used to have three different sized curling irons so that I wouldn’t have the same curls every day. I like to spice things up a bit sometimes and so some days I would have very tight curls, other days I would have big wavy hair. That’s why I needed different sized curling irons.

The other thing that I didn’t know and now don’t like about curling irons how hot they really get. Hair starts to literally burn and singe at 250 degrees. Almost all hair curlers heat up to a minimum of about 350 degrees. That means for years I was burning and damaging my hair and didn’t even know it. I think women around the world would be much happier if they all used the Olayer private label hair tools because then they wouldn’t have to use so many products to try and keep hair healthy and strong. My hair is now much healthier and much stronger because of the Private label flat irons by olayer custom flat iron vendors.

Since the Private label flat irons & curling shells only heat up to 200 degrees they never get hot enough to burn my hair. So every day when I use them I know that I am improving my hairs health as well as getting a curl that will last the entire day without extra products in my hair! I can’t imagine going back to using curling irons.

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