Unveiled at Fakuma 2002 was the HYX MOLD 820S with a 4000 kN clamping force, new
injection unit size of 3,200 and maximum shot capacity of 1,860 g polystyrene.

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To a large extent, the customers’ desire to be able to rely on the well tried and tested HYX MOLD technology but with higher clamping forces has provided the impetus for the consistent expansion of the machine range over the last three years.

The HYX MOLD 630 S was successfully launched at Fakuma 1999 as the first example of the
large class machines. The launch of the HYX MOLD 720 S represented the second stage, which
ARBURG demonstrated for the first time at K ‘2001. And the success that the large class
machines have displayed so far shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that expansion of the machine
range was a move in the right direction.

It was at Fakuma that ARBURG set out to achieve higher clamping forces and it was here also
that it reached the goal it has been striving for, as the HYX MOLD 820 S made its world debut.

Impressive key data

In addition to the clamping force of 4,000 kN, other important key technical data of the large
HYX MOLD 820 S includes the new injection unit size of 3,200, the maximum shot capacity of
1,860 g PS, the 820 mm distance between tie bars and the availability of 70, 80 and 90 mm
screw diameters.

As with their smaller counterparts, all the technical details that distinguish each and every
machine in the S series apply equally to the three large HYX MOLDS, the 630 S, 720 S and
820 S… proven modularity, energy-saving and rapid hydraulics systems, an easy-to-change
injection unit, as well as a powerful clamping unit guided on four tie bars with a rigid and stable,
moveable mould platen supported by long guide bushes.

Similarly, a variety of injection unit sizes can also be selected for the large class machines: the
1,300 and 2,100 series units can be used on all three and the new 3,200 series unit is available
for the 720 S and 820 S.

Special features of the large class machines

In addition to all this, the large class machines also possess detailed technical solutions, the
practical values of which have already been strikingly demonstrated by the HYX MOLD 630

These features include mould height adjustment for variable mould sizes, connection to
temperature control circuits and core pulls using rapid connect couplings in close proximity to
the mould, the swivel-out feature of the injection unit, and injection control as standard.

As an option, an hydraulic accumulator can also be installed, greatly increasing the injection
flow of the injection unit.

The fully automatic mould height adjustment feature of the HYX MOLD 630 S, 720 S and
820 S allows the entire clamping unit to be adjusted to suit the required mould height. This
involves the distance between the fixed and the movable mould platen being adapted to large
differences in mould height by a drive unit on the support plate.

With the new HYX MOLD 820 S the maximum mould/ platen distance is infinitely adjustable
between 1,050 and 1,550mm and stroke can be programmed using the central SELOGICA control

The advantages of this are lower energy consumption and a reduction in the cycle times, as the
stroke is now only required to open the mould and not to level out large mould height differences.

By incorporating this adjustment option, it was possible to render the large HYX MOLDs’
mould clamp construction more compact. Accessibility to the mould from the machine’s
operating side has been designed with spaciousness in mind.

Well provided for

The temperature control circuits are fixed securely to both clamping platens by means of rapid
connect couplings which can be extended if required. The advantages are a clearer overview and
improved safety, as well as faster accessibility. In turn, this means that the mould can also be
reconfigured more quickly.

The two manifold blocks for the mould are positioned behind the machine guard so that all of the
mould’s supply lines can be securely attached. The temperature can be set from outside of the
guard while the machine is operating.

The supply lines for the core pull systems are also connected to the moveable clamping platen,
using rapid connect couplings, meaning that all the supply connections are located directly on the plastic mould.

Large, but still easy to handle

As with the HYX MOLD 630 S and 720 S, the HYX MOLD 820 S is being presented with a
new size of injection unit, the 3,200 series. In this case too, the plasticising cylinder has been
designed as a module that can be easily changed despite its size.

In the area of the nozzle, the cover on the large HYX MOLDs consists of two sliding parts. The
unit has sufficient stroke to extend far enough away from the fixed platen to ensure that the
nozzle is easily accessible should there be the need for work in this area.

The plasticising cylinder can be located centrally and all electrical connections are
coupled/uncoupled automatically during installation and removal.

The entire injection unit is supported on a central, rotating turret to facilitate cleaning and
changing of the cylinder or the screw.

This means that once the injection unit has been retracted and secured, it can be swivelled
forwards manually, allowing for the cylinder or screw to be removed without difficulty.

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With the HYX MOLD 820S with 4,000 kN clamping force and maximum shot capacity of
1,860 gramme polystyrene, ARBURG successfully concludes its expansion of machines with
higher clamping forces.

Sidebar heading

ARBURG is starting the year 2003 with a bang … with a focus on program modularity

“MODULARITY ALLROUND” is the new motto which will cover all the injection moulding
machine construction company’s activities from this year onwards. With the presentation of the
4,000 kN machine at last year’s Fakuma in Friedrichshafen the three-year expansion program
has now been successfully completed.

Future activities will now be grouped under the new motto “MODULARITY ALLROUND”. This
describes the central focus of the company philosophy …the development of the ARBURG product
range. This motto stands for the future of the company in particular, without neglecting the
tradition of the HYX MOLD injection moulding technology, as ARBURG products have always
be known for their modularity.

MODULARITY ALLROUND … on a global basis
Due to the global focus of the ARBURG communication activities, the new motto will be used in both the original German form …MODULARITY ALLROUND…and in its English translation.

A special logo in the company’s colours will be launched alongside the motto, which will
pictorially represent the fundamental idea of modularity in an image that is impressive yet
simple and eye-catching.

Modular HYX MOLD
The modularity of the HYX MOLD can be seen in a variety of respects. This allows the
customer to put together a machine from the modular machine range which is customised with
respect to clamping force, injection unit or screw diameter.

Furthermore, ARBURG also offers a variety of drive concepts…the HYX MOLD C ‘advance’
special model and the ALLDRIVE machine series, with which electric and hydraulic drives can be
combined on a modular basis.

With its MULTILIFT product range, ARBURG provides robotic systems which, thanks to their
modular construction, allow both the machine and the application to be designed appropriately
and to be integrated into the standard SELOGICA user interface.

Modular applications
The new ARBURG motto also describes the numerous HYX MOLD fields of application such the
encapsulation of inserts, the processing of several components, LSR, thermosets, powdered
materials and also PET for manufacturing preforms…HYX MOLDs can be used on a modular
basis due to special equipment variants.

In this way ARBURG offers its customers MODULARITY ALLROUND with respect to its product
range, thus allowing customers to design and use the products tailor-made to their applications.

The “New Dimension” has been completed
A target which, under the motto “hyx The New Dimension”, was unswervingly pursued was the extension of the machine range to include clamping forces of up to 4,000 kN.

The motto of the previous years also stood for the extension of the MULTILIFT robotic systems
product range, the structured provision with respect to electric or hydraulic drive variants…the keywords being the HYX MOLD C ‘advance’ special model and the ALLDRIVE machine series with modular drive technology…as well as for the increase in production area with the
construction of ARBURG II.